MendoLake Food Hub Seller’s Agreement


NAME ____________________________________________________ DATE _______________________________

FARM/RANCH NAME_____________________________________________________________________________

FARM/RANCH ADDRESS  ___________________________________________ COUNTY _______________________

VEG/FRUIT/MEAT/EGG ___________________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ________________________________________ WEBSITE _________________________________________

OFFICE PHONE _________________________________ CELL PHONE ______________________________________

FEDERAL TAX ID#/SOCIAL SECURITY# ________________________________________________________________



IF YES, WHO IS YOUR CARRIER______________________ POLICY # __________________


COUNTY CERTIFIED PRODUCER CERTIFICATE number (include copy)_______________________________________


This agreement will serve as a mutual understanding and set of promises between Mendo Lake Food Hub and the above mentioned farm or ranch (hereafter referred to as “Seller”). By signing this agreement both parties confirm and agree that:

  1. The Seller is located at the address listed above.
  2. All products sold through Mendo Lake Food Hub will be produced by the Seller listed above (See Appendix A).
  3. Mendo Lake Food Hub reserves the right to use general information and photographs provided in the above seller’s online profile in order to publicize seller and its business with Mendo Lake Food Hub.
  4. Mendo Lake Food Hub is allowed to visit and tour the seller’s farm or ranch with advance notice.
  5. The seller will sell first quality products through the Mendo Lake Food Hub unless otherwise agreed upon.
  6. Any second (or processing) quality products must be clearly marked as such and the price should reflect the lower quality.
  7. Mendo Lake Food Hub reserves the right to examine all products moving through its supply chain.
  8. Any quality, pack and grading discrepancies will be addressed with the Seller within 48 hours of receipt.
  9. The Seller agrees to follow Approved Source and other food safety practices to the best of their ability as outlined in the food safety and harvest guidelines document provided by the Mendo Lake Food Hub (See Appendix B).
  10. The Seller agrees that all water used for cultivation, irrigation, cleaning, sanitizing and hand washing is safe (See Appendix B and C).
  11. Mendo Lake Food Hub logo and related material shall not be used in any manner that encourages consumers or purchasers to associate Mendo Lake Food Hub with products that are not being sold through Mendo Lake Food Hub.
  12. Mendo Lake Food Hub will not release any Seller specific data or information gathered in surveys to any third parties in a manner that would identify the Seller without expressed permission of the seller. Mendo Lake Food Hub, however, reserves the right to release such data or information in a general manner that would maintain the anonymity of the Seller.
  13. Seller agrees to follow the packing, transport and receiving guidelines and recommendations of the Mendo Lake Food Hub (See Appendix D).
  14. Seller agrees to the Terms of Service & User Agreement of the online marketplace service provider, Local Food Marketplace (You will see Terms of Service & User Agreement when you request an account on the Mendo Lake Food Hub website).
  15. Seller agrees to take accurate steps to ensure traceability remains transparent and accessible.

By signing below, both parties agree to the promises contained in the Agreement. The Seller affirms that all statements made about their farm or ranch in the “profile” section of this agreement and online are true, correct, and complete to the best of their knowledge and that a truthful representation of the Seller’s operation, practices, and origin of products has been provided. The Seller understands that if questions arise about the operation, that the Mendo Lake Food Hub may need to visit and meet with the seller and/or farm or ranch owner. The Seller lead has read and understands the recommendations for food safety and harvest guidelines.


Seller_______________________________________________       Date______________________


Mendo Lake Food Hub_________________________________          Date______________________



*Completing the profile here is necessary only if not completed through the online marketplace or in an in-person interview. This profile will be used to create your online profile and marketing materials.



  • Farmer/Rancher Bio (100 words):

*email logo and two photos to





  • Farming Practice & Philosophy (150 words):





  • Farm/Ranch Story:
  • # farm acres –



  • # years owned or leased–



  • farm certifications or distinctions –



  • # of harvest seasons –



  • # employees (year-round, seasonal, part-time, full-time) –



  • # volunteers per week –



  • # interns/season –



  • What are your Top 5 crops:



  • What are your secondary crops:




  • What brought you to farming? What keeps you farming?





  • What is your favorite part of farming? Your least favorite?





  • Any other notes or details you want to mention.

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